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Thursday, May 15, 2003


Phil Windley draws some good points out of the interview with Grady Booch. But, and there's always a 'but' when I read something, my philosophy is there's no point in not being a critical reader. If I end up in the worse case being wrong or mistaken, I've still learned something.

Grady Booch writes just after Phil's last quote... One of the advantages of platforms such as .NET is that they codify a lot of those hard things so that global decisions can be made intelligently, then carried out locally by the individual developers.

I think this is untrue. I don't know if Booch is trying to flatter Microsoft, or the readership of the dotNET magazine, or if he really believes this.

I wish the journalist would have pushed for more detail. Why does Grady believe this to be so? Wouldn't that answer help the readers of the interview with how they use dotNET?

For one thing, I don't believe this is true for any current toolset. I'm not singling out dotNET. There is too much complexity in software development. Yes, we're building more complex systems than in the past, but that's no excuse... we should be taking unnecessary complexity out and putting more facility in. Facile --- most software is not.

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