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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Glossy Interviews

From an interview with Grady Booch in dotNET magazine...

Q: What is the future of Web services and GXA in conjunction with traditional development?

Booch: I'm pretty jazzed with the direction of Web services. We look at organizations that are already effective at building component-based systems. Meaning they know how to componentize their stuff and deploy them that way. For them the move to Web services is actually a small step. Plus it's not a difficult step, because it represents a different packaging for the things they're already exposing. But there's value in it because now it allows them to transcend a particular platform.

I'm working with a group I think I can mention publicly: MedBiquitous, a project at Johns Hopkins led by Dr. Peter Green. The essence of the project is to try to tie together the various medical research agencies and data across a variety of different specializations in medicine, so that you break down the barriers of specialization. That's a gross simplification of what they're doing but it's pretty cool stuff. The essence of their architecture is based upon Web services, which enables them to make key architectural decisions that transcend particular platforms and technologies.

How helpful is this for you? As a reader and developer, should you expect more from an interview with an industry leader?

This seems to me to be filler in between the ads. I'm disappointed.

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