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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Tons of ideas ripe for the picking

Ray Ozzie writes...

I strongly recommend that people join the ACM and use its Digital Library and read some of the things that influenced all of us in the CSCW discipline, e.g. Turoff's early work in conferencing, Flores' work on speech acts/workflow, etc. It's never been more relevant. Now that people have realized that we need to move beyond the Web, there are tons of ideas ripe for the picking in terms of innovative architectures for interpersonal communications & cooperative work e.g. awareness & event notification architectures, real-time & replicated architectures, etc. Explore SIGGROUP papers; head down to Group '03 this fall, and blog what you hear.

This probably is obvious: I couldn't have said it better myself.

I've been a reviewer for several major conferences over the years. The striking reaction I get over and over is how few connections people make to the work that has taken place in our community. Software is forever changing on the surface, but when you get more than skin deep, there are so many common themes, sources of inspiration, and even words of caution.

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