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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Andre Pang Video On Concurrent Programming And Games, Etc.

A nice video of Andre Pang on games, multi-cores, and, wait for it... erlang...

The more your computing environment resembles a game, the more cores/nodes/concurrency/networks you will need just to feed your little (shared) corner of the world.

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Anonymous said...


I've watched this video and also read the slides from Sweeney's POPL presentation. Sweeney basically comes out on the side of Transaction Memory without saying much about the message passing model (though he later goes in to detail on LtU). I think TM is ugly, regardless of what Simon Peyton-Jones or Sweeney says. They're smart people but it seems like an ugly hack of a system. It is the maintenance of a style that is begging for deprecation. I'd kind of hate to see us save it. All the same, their intelligence makes me wonder if message-passing really can't scale to Sweeney's needs. What are your thoughts on where some shared state is necessary? Is that handled well in Erlang? Do Sweeney and Peyton-Jones arguments really hold weight? Is it just a "right tool for the job" kind of thing?


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