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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Ask Why?

From http://www.dailysouthtown.com

What if you or I could secretly commit crimes against our fellow citizens, bury the evidence of the crime by stamping it "TOP SECRET," refuse to answer questions when we are accused of committing the crime, and then, before we can be prosecuted for the crime, we can make a law that says the crime we committed is no longer a crime. And then call ourselves heroes.

Welcome to the New America...

There will be no examining of the individuals being spied upon, to decide if the surveillance is reasonable. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell called it "modernizing" FISA, and graciously submitted to post-surveillance "reviews."

McConnell assures us the new law's targets will be foreigners, not Americans.

So, relax. You can trust the Administration of the Freely Reigning Executive never to abuse or stretch the limits of its power. Or, you can stay off the phone with your friends overseas.

An anonymous commenter wonders what I have to worry about, if I've done nothing wrong. Why, they probably don't want to listen to my phone calls anyway. The point of the comment is allocating new cell numbers, etc. happens faster than FISA warrants can be granted.

Well, there have long been scenarios where an eves dropping had to occur more quickly than a FISA warrant could be obtained. And so, predating even Bush's presidency, FISA warrants have been granted ex post facto.

An investigation is allowed to occur and then the FISA review is performed as a check-and-balance on the executive branch. This is *critical* to a democracy, and not just to me making calls to my Aunt Trudy.


Anonymous said...

So you think the CIA will waste resources tracking you and your beer buddies in England? Thats the *Why* I want answered.

When we are tracking a foreign citizen and his contact stateside grabs a new cell phone you think we should go back and get a court order? For each new number mind you?

In 1978 when FISA was passed you couldn't get a new phone in 20 minutes. What would be your suggestion then to track people who can get new lines that quickly?

I guess instead of making it easier to track such people, we should make up wild fantasies of Bush as some tyrant eavesdropping on you and your aunt Fannie.

Patrick Logan said...

FISA approvals already *are* granted ex post facto, predating Bush's presidency.

I am fine with that. I am *not* fine with the executive branch eliminating more and more oversight from the other two branches.

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