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Friday, August 17, 2007

Enterprisey Edits On Wikipedia

Went to wikipedia to view the page on "Enterprisey". Got redirected to the page on "Enterprise software". Huh?

Looked at the change log for "Enterprisey". Damn. A couple of back and forths, and the current result appears to me to be rather, well, "Enterprisey". Here's what's on *that* page. At the top...

Enterprise Software is software that solves an enterprise problem (rather than a departmental problem) and usually enterprise software is written using Enterprise Software Architecture. Due to the cost of building what is often proprietary software only large organizations attempt to build software that models the entire business enterprise and is the core system of governing the enterprise and the core of business communications within the enterprise.
I'm not sure why the term "solves" is not in quotes there.

And at the bottom...

Some enterprise software vendors using the latter definition develop highly complex products that are often overkill for smaller organizations, and the application of these can be a very frustrating task. Thus, sometimes "enterprise" might be used sarcastically to mean overly complex software. The adjective "enterprisey"[citation needed] is sometimes used to make such sarcasm explicit.
Relegating the wonderful term "Enterprisey" to the bottom of a rather staid page like "Enterprise software" is just not right. But claiming that "enterprisey" merely implies "overkill" is blasphemy.

Forever, the term "Enterprisey" will mean this... (animation). As in, "It's enterprisey!"

I took a pass at editing the explanation of "enterprisey" on the "Enterprise software" page. Please take it and run with it.

I wonder who's been editing these pages. Back to the logs and do some searching.

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