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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

First post from OSCON

Wireless is working, thanks O'Reilly, et al.

Attended the first couple hours of OSCAMP this afternoon.

1:30 The Economics of Open Source (Stormy Peters)
2:00 Linux in the Enterprise - An IBM Perspective (Dan Frye)
2:30 Legal Framework for Open Source (Larry Rosen)
If you're reasonably up on Linux and OSS then the first two sessions were nothing new. These sessions are mainly for people and businesses just dipping their big toe in the water.

Dan Frye was asked (by me, actually) when the vendors will smooth out their differences. I ask because he made a big point about the hardware portability of Linux, but nothing about the differences among distros, which can be a big problem as well for businesses and individuals. And can result in hefty support fees, etc. because of vendor lock-in, which is not what OSS is about, is it?

Anyway his answer is progress is being made, it gets better over time, but no commitment to a timeline from the vendors.

Larry Rosen gave an interesting talk about OSS licenses and in particular his own license, which addresses concerns he has with the several dozen others that are available.

Came out last year at OSCON, but this is new to me.

Took a walk over to the Marriott to take care of some business... now back for the last hour of OSCAMP.

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