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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Tim O'Reilly's Keynote OSCON 2003

The value of Amazon, Google, etc. is the constant update via the people.

Network collaboration - Usenet is the mother.

Ad hocracy (Doctorow) - OSS is one.

Software paradigm of the future => *Collaboration* paradigm of the future.

Collabnet puts in OSS infrastructure inside organization's firewall, e.g. HP's printer drivers.

ASP.net reengineered ASP for XML - denied, backward compatibility. Six weeks time to hack it anyway. People took pieces of code here and there they liked then Gates annointed.

Network + Developers == OSS-like behavior.

"Listening to Napster" - keynote at a P2P conference. People can build a collective work as a by-product of their own self-interest.

Watching connections in Google, Amazon, elsewhere e.g. - we contribute with every link, book, etc.

Linus - essay in Open Sources - architecture of Linux and Internet supports individual contributions that add up.

Just now in throws of figuring out new business models. IBM Websphere, Mac OS X look like the Compaq business model. Selling commodity with add-in value.

Who will come along with the Dell model - "build commodity to suit." Key is the process of assembling the product, not what the product is.

Cable TV - pay per view not as successful as subscription. Aggregating larger packages of OSS.

Professional services business model not the most interesting thing.

UUNET made money with services - low margin ISP w/billions in revenue. Not by packaging UUNET software.

Network Solutions did not want DNS registration - then found the business model and did not want to give up the monopoly. Another ISP.

OSS developers need to pay attention to things not central... P2P, Rendezvous, Hydra, wireless, "social software"... all about network enabled collaboration. Or you will get behind the curve.

Increased customization - not just software. Look for hidden service business models. Collaboration beyond software.

Mapping software has not figured out use collaboration yet... location based services, individual contributors of data points into what's happening on the map.

Watch the alpha geeks - prefiguring larger movements. Screen scraping predicted web services. Rethink OSS in context of web services and network computing.

Who owns the data? License implications of data relationships. What will the bill or rights be for web services?

Kurzweil - long term thinking. Build out into the future. THE END

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