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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Paul Buck, IBM, Eclipse keynote

November 2001 - Eclipse launch

Tools don't work well together. Tool vendors reinvent wheels. No vendor can do everything.

In Java no platform with strength of MSFT's Visual Studio.

Eclipse is a platform - extensible. Works out of the box. Companies contributed tools right away.

OSS chosen to support platform adoption.

"Tool stacks" per language type innefficient.

Eclipse is not a tool with an API. It is a platform for plug ins. Turns the picture upside down.

Small runtime + plugins. Plugins extend other plugins.

Architecture and demo (John Wiggin?)... internal team plays by same rules... plugins on small kernel... as all developers.

Team facility, repository support in OSS and commercial... (I guess this ties in to O'Relly's network collaboration talk)

Debug component... (who debugs programs?)

(Eclipse if you have not seen it is a Visual Studio look alike to my untrained eyes. Lots of panes with information here and there. People like these, I've not used them. Interesting challenge... I wonder how simple the UI could be made and still take advantage of useful plugins. How tied are the plugins to the UI look and feel? COuld you build Emacs in Eclipse?

(Talked with Kevin Altis last night... he's big on getting Jython into Eclipse as a scripting language. I've been doing a good bit of SWT programming in Jython outside of Eclipse... I think this would be a good idea and would lend toward getting an Emacs like capability into Eclipse, and could thus support a simpler interface Look and Feel for Emacs die hards at least. I'll look these guys up afterwards... this would be a good test of the plugin architecture, so maybe a few folks would like to collaborate (phrase of the day))

(Paul Buck is talking again...) COBOL development environment. Hades test framework. Eclipse modeling framework - abstract data types.

Technology PMC - further out, independent, experimental work, academics. "Coy" project (?) led by Instantiations (Portland!) doing something interesting... didn't say what. They're Smalltalk people, though and have done good tools stuff there.

New project for J2EE tools started last month looking for collaborators. See Eclipse.org

Next big step is moving beyond IDE into rich client platform. (Hmm.) SWT GUI toolkit for desktop Java applications.

(Hey - and desktop Jython applications!)

So new set of challenges... (well what are they?)

In closing... Websphere studio workbench is branded supported version from IBM. THE END

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