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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Language Interoperability

Mark Watson writes...

I use OS X a lot and I am pleased that Apple by default installs usefull scripting languages like Python, Ruby, and Perl by default.

I use Jython with the Java Platform. It's a nice combination since a lot of "CPython" runs in Jython too, combining the two platforms with the ease of "scripting".

It really is a combination since Jython classes can be used in Java as well as the other way around.

I'd like to see this philosophy continue with dotnet as well. The scripting languages don't seem to be coming along as quickly. At least I don't see as much attention paid there. Smalltalk is coming along slowly with three implementations I know of.

Also I'm curious about the direction of SOAP, et al. Over time I would expect easier language integration across runtime engines and less attention paid to language integration within runtime engines.

This has to be easy and inexpensive to program to be truly effective. The hardware will make it fast.

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