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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

More good stuff bouncing around the blogs on distribution models

Bill de Hora leads to the conclusion (IMHO)...

a transactional blackboard... if we were doing Java middleware over tommorrow, Jini/JXTA would be where to start, not J2EE.

Yes, because even more than "service oriented architecture", I believe developers, at least back in my day, understood the concept of distributed coordination via a database.

"If I put something like this there, then something like that happens, and I can look later to find one of those things."


Todd... says objects are not a good model for services.

Agreed. Objects are a code management mechanism. No more, no less. If you need to manage code on both ends of a connection, then "distributed objects" might be a benefit to you. It's still just about code organization, though.

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