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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

When it rains it pours

Turns out Alan Kay also rec'd the Draper Prize, along with Butler Lampson, et al. Words of wisdom from Lampson, via one of their colleagues...

"The design rule for the machine was that it had to be as simple as possible, Butler (Lampson)'s approach to that was to make something that was too simple and make us argue why we couldn't live with that. And he set the bar high before he would add another feature."

Found on Jim's site. His chosen quote is also a gem and a half...

Kay added: "I have said to powerful computer industrialists: By all means use the ideas, but please try to understand and use the entire idea, otherwise what happens are the gross caricatures so often found in commercial vendor software. The evidence indicates that they didn't understand or heed my request."

And now back to our story on how XML is like cardboard. Sigh.

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