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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Croquet or Cannon?

I've got to put Croquet on my list of things to do. Every so often I see another post and look around, and wonder why I haven't tried it yet.

Here is an example of a window containing Flash content. Flash and other media forms may rendered on any polygon or combination of polygons within a scene. It should be kept in mind that it is not at all necessary for the frame of any window to be rendered. Therefore it is possible to have flash animations or media output of any size be rendered in any orientation or configuration within the Croquet space.

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Jason Yip said...

I just can't help thinking about the "Unix" interface from Jurassic Park... To be fair, I'm assuming Croquet is more than a fancy 3D environment but I'm more intrigued by Gelertner's Lifestreams.

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