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Sunday, September 28, 2008

From iTunes' genius playlist

iTunes' genius play list just dished up for me...

Tower of Power"You're Still A Young Man"
Al Green"Take Me To The River"
The Temptations"How Deep Is Your Love"
Al Green and Lyle Lovett"Ain't It Funny How Time Just Slips Away"
Timmy Thomas"Why Can't We Live Together"

The one from Green and Lovett is from "Live on Letterman" - there've been great
performances on Letterman for decades going back to NBC.

Yes, that's The Temptations covering the Bee Gees. I actually have a
handful of good covers of that song. Another good one is by Adeaze,
with great harmonies, but also with a great acoustic guitar

I have fond memories of "Saturday Night Fever".

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