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Friday, October 03, 2008

You're Darn Right

Tim Riley, funniest newsman on the planet after Jon Stewart...

"84% said Palin did better than expected.

"Yur darn right," "Doggone it," "say it isn't so Joe," "Ya" instead of
you were just of few of the folksyisms used by Palin to appeal to the
Tonya Hardening crowd. It had no substance. Therefore, it worked
flawlessly as planned. Her base ate it up like a heapin' bowl of
mashed 'taters.

Proving one needent wear red high heels to run a household, modern man
Joe Biden teared up like a woman."


1 comment:

jarober said...

On a more serious note, Biden's answers on Lebanon were pretty pathetic. Check out Michael Totten.

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