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Monday, September 29, 2008

LinuxCon - Portland - September 2009

From th Silicon Forest blog...

"The Linux Foundation plans to announce Tuesday that it will launch a
big, new annual conference in Portland next September....

Linux Foundation director Jim Zemlin told me this afternoon that the
conference aims to link up Linux users and developers and to focus on
providing resources for them all to use Linux more efficiently for
whatever it is they need.

"We're going to have tracks, or little mini-conferences, at the
event," he said. Some will focus on mobile computing, some on embedded
systems, some on desktop Linux, etc. The Linux Plumbers Conference,
which brought 300 to Portland this month, will be held concurrently
with the new LinuxCon next year.

What you won't see: "All the big booths and the marketing pitches,"
Zemlin told me."


September is a great month to be in Portland. Usually.

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