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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Legislative Language of Thieves

Legislators are pointing out the new bailout compromise withholds
"golden parachutes" from companies bought out with taxpayers' money.

However most companies will not be bought outright. They will have their
bad debts purchased.

For these companies who get to sell their bad debts to us, well, their
executives will have some less severe restrictions on their
parachutes. But forget parachutes for the moment, what about all the
bonuses and so on they've been paid over the last few years while
driving the economy and their own companies into the ground?

If you're not yet thinking this is a great scam, what do you think of it?

"All of this was done in a way to insulate Main Street and everyday
Americans from the crisis on Wall Street," Ms. Pelosi said at the news


Secretary Paulson, preeminent "socialist". When and how it suits him and his buddies.

Can we talk about the problem with *their* sense of entitlement?

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