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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank You Local Representatives

"Oregon's Democratic Representatives Earl Blumenauer (3rd District),
David Wu (1st District) and Peter DeFazio (4th District) opposed the
plan in Monday's floor vote...

"It was, at the core, not the best bill," Blumenauer said in a
prepared statement. "I am convinced that it would have passed if it
were paid for with a fee on the finance industry to pay for its own
bailout, and if homeowners were given the same bankruptcy protections
as rich people's third and fourth home, and business properties."...

The Portland Tribune/Fox 12 News poll showed Democrats in the
tri-county area are evenly split over the bailout, while Republicans
are solidly against it. Independents registered the most skepticism,
though, with 33 percent supporting the bailout and 63 percent opposed.

Partisan differences about the bailout dovetail with anxieties about
the economy, the poll showed.

Among Democrats, 93 percent said they were somewhat or very worried
about the national economy, compared to 75 percent of Republicans.
Democrats tend to have lower incomes than Republicans, on average, in
the tri-county area."


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jarober said...



is probably the best reason to oppose the bailout.

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